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To All of Our Veteran's Administration Patients,

We appreciate the opportunity to treat our VA patients. However, due to the different pre-certifications and authorizations required by the VA, the following is required prior to making an appointment with one of our providers. The patient must obtain authorization for evaluation or consult visit for possible surgical intervention. If surgical intervention is required, the patient is required to make sure this authorization is obtained. After surgery,

We often have a variety of DME (durable medical equipment), physical therapy, and pain medicine that can be necessary. It is the patient's responsibility to obtain these authorizations from the VA. We will be glad to furnish you with a list of necessary items, but the VA will not allow us to contract with our normal vendors. You will need to take a list of the DME goods to the VA for their authorization and ordering.

Physical Therapy and Pain Medicine prescriptions are given to the patient at the time of discharge from the hospital. The specific Physical Therapy order often cannot be given prior to the surgical procedure because this can change at the time of surgery. However we can give you prescriptions for most of your post-op medication prior to surgery, so you can take them to the VA to be filled prior to your surgical date.

It is the patient's responsibility to contact the VA and obtain names and locations of Physical Therapists that they authorize you to use during your post-op period.

We have had many VA patients that have navigated the process to an excellent result. It is our experience and their advice to be diligent and present yourself in person with your specific orders to your VA facility or contact person. We have found they are responsive to patients, especially if you make your requests to them in person. Keep a copy of all paperwork!

All VA surgical procedures must be performed at Presbyterian Orthopedic Hospital. Post-operatively you will receive a bill from the hospital prior to your VA claim being settled. This is normal and to be expected. Our billing administrator is Sandy Webb, at 704-384-9428, and she can assist you in this matter.

Thank you,
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